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tv   wusa 9 News at 5am  CBS  September 23, 2013 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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crushed. >> they are 0-3. battle of the 0-3 teams. >> boston we don't want to talk about boston. they have a winning team. t satellite radar. clouds working through. you can see the clouds rights r there to northern maryland. this is with us for the first part of the day. we'll turn parly sunny by late morning. >> expected high temperatures 71 in fredericksburg. cool for this time of year.
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so far so good. no accidents to report. we're starting off nice and easy. easing into that work thing is. new york th after at bladensburg road. off to a pretty quiet start top stretch of the beltway to the.h. that's a check of your traffic. back to you. >>ic. prince william police neee your help tracking down the person who killed a high school football player. kenny diaz was stabbed to death in woodbridge. it was saturday afternoon.
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today marks one week since 12 people pem were kid at the washington navy yard. the victims are remembered rem yesterday at a memorial service attended by president obama.ent >> he made a call for change too prevent tragedies like this fror happening again. yesterday president obama said the nation out ought to be obsessed with changing gun laws. 4,000 arrived. president obama and the first lady met privately with each he
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have families that lost a loved one he pleaded with the public not to become numb. n there's nothing normal will children gunned down in our classrooms or children dying in our streets from stray bullets. another advanced nation endures this shall endures this kind of violence. none. >> what really happened here? the mental health situation in the countryth is in complete breakdown he said yesterday that the background system needs too be better to make sure people
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with mental illness cannot buy guns yesterday in the senate senator joe manchin said unless certain congressman can change their position it would be a future aisle effort. authorities have not said howow many hostages were more than 170 injured. five americans among those hurtr kenyans in the d.c. metro area are monitoring the situation
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closely and checking on loved ones back home. ho >> so my family and friends over there. you don't know. k anything could happen overappe there. >> it's not a good thing right now. we have to experience whatever we have to experience whatever issues they have. >> it all began on saturday when several al qaeda linked extremists stormed the mall throwing >> president obama heads to newe york for the opening of the 68th united nations united nations general assembly. >> it's not clear if they'll meet this week. the boston marathon bombing is the focus of a court hearing
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today. what the suspect's lawyers wille ask a judge. >> what delayed a manor league baseball game not once but twice?
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>> today lawyers for boston marathon suspect tarn satisfy st will be in court. assist accused of set begun offo two bombs at the race killing k three people and injuring hundreds more. >> the chancellor of germany is looking like she's going to havh another chance for being the next chancellor.. her opposition vote didn't get t enough votes to make it to parliament. america is going to meet today talking about forming a government. >> there's a burial cemetery for -- at arlington. arl
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they've within missing since 1969. their plane crashed in laos in 1969 but their remains were not ask thed for since april. they use the forensic tools to match their dental records. >> coming up, a warning next time you stop to get gas. what police in prince george's county want to you wash out for. >> we want to talk about the weather so far. >> a cloud deck working through. should be a dees yenlt day. i'll have the details on the weather forecast. julie has traffic. we'll do it after the break.
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>> don't see this every day. a swarm bees invaded right field at aipgels stadium and caused the game to be delayed two times. some men with a gator aid bruct, broom and a cardboard box box brought in to change this out. it was delayed in the fourth inning when players started swatting at the bees in the outfield.ou so. >> i am amazed that trick works with the gatorade, the box and the broom. >> so do i. >> i feel like a picnic and a -- >> wow, wow. >> would you think at a basebalb game you would have something
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more complicated than a gatorade box and a broom. >> i know. >> i've seen other bugs flying y around at the games.t t >> i don't know they call a delay. when it's hot and humid we getet bugs but not that like. >> you are probably right. >> we'll do weather for you. nice weekend. most of the weekend yesterday turned into a decent day. >> it sure did.d. >> at least weatherwise.. >> sportswise. >> i know. don't remind us. >> sorry about thank 58 thisis morning in washington. 54 in leonardtown. we're cool.we just a few degrees below where we typically be this time of year. 48 in manassas. a couple of 40s last hour. temperatures being held up a little bit. a little bit of a cloud deck to the north. the gray there it's it'
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working down at the moment. clouds around for the start of the day.d later thank we should gradually turn at least partly sunny as this cloud deck has a chance if work on down. high pressure to the north across the great lakes. it's anchor there's all week long. that means lots of sunshine in the forecast and lots dry weather. very nice weather pattern continues.ntin there's your area of high pressure. a little breezy to the north later today.ay. front from saturday well off shore and this area is not going to budge a lot over the next 24 hours. clouds today but things will gradually turn sunny and the nice here for most of the weekek with temperatures warming up too the mid top upper sents thursday.thur partly sunny by afternoon. a winds out the north at 5:00. later tonight very cool. 50 the low in the 50s. maybe 30s well north and west. w there's gruraccu weather
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forecast. upper 70s thursday and friday. lots of sunshine. we'll keep it dry. good to have the rain over the weekend. >> good to sleep in a little bit. take a nap in the afternoon. it wasthe good. on the roads right now. hopefully you are wide awake becausing with she have to talk about. lanes open on 66 continuing to the capital beltway onl
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coalsville road traffic moving smoothly to 270. we'll show you what we have downtown. heads up trying to get through downtown washington. wreckage reported at the suitland parkway.y. >> good news for drivers gas prices dropped six centers.ter the average cost a gallon of regular is 5 become 55. the highest prices are in sanan francisco at $4 .01 a gallon and lowest price in charleston, south carolina at 3.14 a gallon. >> in you are stepping out of your car to pump gas, kit offer a prime opportunity. prince george's county. they are handing up fliers on how thieves steal valuable iteme from cars while drivers are pumping gas.g the man was cawrt on surveillance cameras stealing
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items from two cars at the station. emmy winners are -- emmy winners are happy but producers behindeh the awards show are feeling some heat. we'll talk about that next. >> you know what else we're talking about? redskins game yesterday. >> rg3 are you afraid? >> not at all. we'll have more on this loss and people on twitter not happy with me. >> what do you? >> i said something that offended the redskins fans. >> i didn't beat them. i don't they why they are made at me.
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>> taking time to talk about the talkers of day. >> that's right. >> a star studded event in hollywood. the emmy awars.the i didn't realize it was this weekend. >> you didn't. >> i guess it was oblivious butt maybe it's good i missed part of it. it took time mark 50 years since president john f. kennedy was assassinated as well as five decades since the beatles performed on the ed sullivan show. country singer carrie underwood took the stage to mark the historic occasion sing the beatles classic but not all were pleased with her rendition saying some saying she butcheree the song. something wrong i long for
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yesterday ♪ ♪ yesterday >> hmmmm. all right. you can be your own judge here. but some say she murdered the sock. >> yes and her her formance was unnecessary. >> i think it's a little hash. i do, too. >> you could butcher that song. i promise. >> i'm sure. >> yeah you this they wouldn't put up there, tucker. >> when you have a classic like that especially when you are remembering. >> it's a tough song to do. >> i don't think you should play with it. i think she tried to put her own spin on it.
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>> we've seen simon colin powell saying don't miss with a classic. >> it isn't sound like the same >> wisdom it wasn't that bad,ad was it? >> i couldn't tell it was a sofnlg i didn't think she was bad. >> it's hard for me to disher when i can't sing. >> you can play football but you disall the football -- >> wow. >> itbal know bad when i see ba. i know that. [ laughter ] speaking after this let's talk about the red scts skins peoplee on twitter say i take too muchch joy when the redskins lose. it's not true.ue. finished with 326 yards passing with a second highest total of
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his career. all after this was positive. i stayed positive. through go cory on twitter still the team couldn't put out a win. i saved that for last.a >> something is not right thishs year it's not any one thing. there's a lot going on there. they should beat the lions at home. you know what i mean?hat >> it's been how long since the lions won at home -- or here? >> 0-21. >> they had never beaten the redskins in washington in their history. >> until yesterday.rd >> a great play like rg's run for 20 yards and ends badly it's something that is just. j >> i don't understand that slide. it makes since if you go head
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fist the likelihood it would come out is if you fall feet first. >> that is the rules but he dropped that pass. he dropped it.ed >> he did. if you are quarterback you are supposed to slide feet that's always bhnl the rule. >> there itnl t is. >> just the musics make since it would pop up. >> what he is mad or like yes, we won. >> who cares it's the lionio rnlings i just hope i was or overjoyed. >> probably glad he won a game. every singer saw that saying what did he do? >> i'm sure he was glad he won a
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game. >> take that washington. >> yeah, yeah. that's a, you know, that coach doesn't like the redskins. >> i imagine not.e >> just saying. you are right, tucker. they are o something is off here. it's almost as if the keviningg staff didn't get them ready for the year. there's no way one dude she eivelgt the game like.ame this the defense is deplorable. they've given up moreids than other team in the history of football except for one team back in 1951. the defense is not ready. they are not prepared.repa they don't defend well. it's almost as if they spend the entire off season doing what they did last year. y >> tough to take because thebe fans are owe out there. they are passionate. beautiful day. feel like it's finally their turn. >> when you win the division you get a tougher schedule last
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year. >> still time and still plenty ahead. we'll be right back 
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>> welcome back to fox 35 morning news. time now is 4:30678 fairly calm,
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cool andm, collected yesterday. very nice yesterday.este >> just talking about the weather. people around the d.c. area were not. >> not at all. they not calm, cool and collected tow. weather was nice. >> great yesterday more of the e same today. >> i may want a light traffic. >> okay, yeah. >> it's going to be cold tonight. >> really. >> 40s to him. >> reagan national. >> 58 at reagan nation yam. 54 at dulles. there a cloud deck working from the north. you can see us there to northern
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maryland. high pressure up to the great lakes. that means dry conditions continue. should be a decent afternoon 70 later today. a little below normal temperaturewise. >> we're not excited about it. it's just a fact. >> the robe and the jammies with the feet in them? >> i hear about them all thehe time. >> like hugh hefner. h >> i bet he looks good in thed i >> oh, dear. oh, boy. let's do some traffic. on the roads you find lanes are open. all lanes open.pen. at speed towards the capital beltway. it's rolling with ease between annandale and no spots to reporr on 395. as you continue around the beltway top stretch behalfingg nicely and continuing to 270678
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we'll pop up the maps and show you what is happening on southeast. an accident last night. four people including an infantn were in the car and one adult au died at the hospital.ospi grief counselors will be on hand at woodbridge high school today to help students deal with thehe killing of a senior who played on the football team. 18-year-old kenny deyafs stabbed to death in woodbridge east of interstate 5 near occoquan bay. police believe diaz may have known his attacker or attackers but don't have a mettive in this.
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>> this comes as president obama and his wife conceal the victims families this weekend. >> wisdom and sarah lately itt seems to gun control advocates v that capitol hill is the placee that good ideas come to die. president obama said he cannot septemberot resignation that nothing will change and there's some agreement president obama a add the first lady met privately with the each of the 1 family ises that lost a loved one. this is the fifth shooting that has happened since he became president and said the public should be shocked and not to t scep these acts as the new
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normal. the national rifle association wants people to focus on how people are able to pass existing background checks. lawmakers who fought after the sandy hook tragedy say the political landscape hasn't changed yet. i'm talking to everybody and welcome everyone's input. i this is something that really law abiding gun owners, bob. 75% of invest virginians agreeas that background checks are common sense. may recall that families of victims of those mass shootings were here on capitolee hill last week ax just a tragic coins dense that they were here at the same time of the washington navy shootings.
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many of them say they are not giving up but no words of slaif efforts just yet.t back to you.o y >> thinch you, melanie. safe iny ships are searching for the too and looking for others. the helicopter went down in the central red sea while operating from the destroyer is the u.s.s. william p. lawrence. l ball mart hiring how to above next.xt. we'll tell you about it and why they are dressed up. argh. is that what pirates say? i don't know. it's 5:36. we'll tell but the pirate adventure coming up next. >> there you go. there it was.
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>> historic gains were escalater by the decision to reject a tougher grading school. according to the "washington post" teachers in directire recommend aid grading scale that would have held students to higher standards on tests but
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education officials reviewed projections that it result result in lower scores. >> now that d.c. mayor gray has vetoed the living wage bill they are opening in the district. they open two hiring centers today. one hiring center is the 900 second street northeast. the. that's for the georgia avenue store. the hiring centers will he used to interview job applicants. the mariners museum p invaded by themes of them on saturday. it's an attempt to break the t world record for the number of pirates gathered in one place.
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those two took part had to wear appropriate attire. the current record is more than 14,000. unfortunate those in virginiairi came up short to beat the record. nice try, though.ry, >> what he is doing right there? arrgn. >> it was just talk of the pirate today, too. >> we were talking about a dedate bate and discussion of whether it's arrr or arrgh. depends on where you are from. u >> the start of fall looked like winter in one o >> it's the end of road for this iconic vehicle. head to break ache live look outside then monday morning. we'll talk to talker barnes ands he will tell us what we have in store for today.
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♪ >> welcome back. this is our first full day of fall, right? >> yeah. yea >> first day of fall looked more
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like winter in parts of california. take a look tism the area around the sierra nevada mountains hit with snow and heavy rain. >> shorts animusel shorts. you look out and see it snowingg want to change. >> but that's just me. m >> the mountains get cold. we're debates whether we have to put them out to past tour. >> i'll miss them.
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i want walk in them. >> why? like you physically can't do it? >> makes me feel funny. >> youl need a pedestriany cure. >> what? >> i'm what is going on right now. >> let's get to the weather [laughter] >> apparently it's important my toes look good. >> i don't want to talk about your feet.t. i just don't. 4:44 yesterday. we'll be pushing to the soij over the next couple of day months. settling into the fall and winter here. h 58 in bark wash. 52 in leonardtown. a included deck working through holding temperatures up better.t they would be cooler.ler low 50s to the west and north. 52 in frederick and manassas. here is your cloud deck. not expecting any rain. it's dry but a little bit of
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cloudiness. with high pressure here in this great lakes we're in for a couple of dry days. should turn nicer here duringur the week.eek. we stay in the sunshine with a warming trend. 70 today partly sunny skies. winds out the north at 5. later tonight it's cold tonight. temperatures in the 70s forr the middle of the week and sunshine. notice the next seven days features bright sunshine each and every day. dry pattern continues. con wet saturday night and drying
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right out again. ag >> yeah, all right.. julie wright with the latest ono the traffic out there. >> this broa mans is getting deeper and deeper. now manny and pedi's together. >> don't you get our time. >> don't worry. don't want to run into both at the spa. >> if you are travelingvel northbound you are in for a long haul already. delays again headed northbound. the lanes are open but it's's still slow in this area. eastbound 66 tied up leaving
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manassas for those traveling through southeast washington you'll find that the lanes are open across the on cafta -- anacostia bridges. accident activity there follow police connection in order to getce c by. this is what when wisdom was throughout tweeting all sunday afternoon. oh, my look at you. who is that?s >> robin thicke. >> i know. [ laughter ] >> he was humble and personable. i said we loved your mom. >> he said, yes do i. >> was paula patton with him? >> no. >> noim? miley cyrus. >> sn. >> no thank goodness for that.
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it was a great show. a lot of fun. he sounds great. if you haven't seen him i suggest you do. fabulous.fabu >> need money for that.or >> thanks, guys. >> all right. remember those d oh, yeah. >> the iconic volkswagen van approaching the final days the volkswagen said production will end in 2001. the ask says they cannot neat new law. thee use the fans for school buses. >> wow. remember a friend of mine had one of those and we would go camping. >> really? >>ca oh,mp yeah it was fun. >> that was just cool.
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>> yeah, they are. televisions finest packed in in l.a. last night for the emmy awards. >> we'll have a recap of winners. telling you about them when we come back
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>> stars gathered in los angeles last night honoring tv shows and actors. >> as fox's julie cheng tells us television's big nest night of f the year had the pretty big
5:53 am
surprises. >> and the emmy goes to breakine bad. breaking bad made good winning tv's highest honor outstanding drama series before taking a final bough in the last season. >> i've been blessed in the past and this show was nominated in the past but what i wanted was what we got.ot. >> we could not be happier. modern family won for best comedy again picking up the fourth in the category.ateg it took home 11 emmys. >> this say two hander and matt you are only as good. [ laughter ] >> you are only as good as youru other hand. >> the voice. >> the voice picked up best reality show breaking at mazing race's emmy run.
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>> thank you, thank you. >> claire deigns won best actress in a drama series and in a surprise win jeff daniels took home the top actor prize and and shared the post celebration plans. we're going to party until dawnn and then get on a plane and go to atlanta and start shooting dumb and dumber, too. >> it's nights. it's nuts. i completely left my body. s is so surreal but i'm so thankful to be working. >> i've lost many, many moreore times than i've won. i have lost ten times as a matter of fact. so it's delicious to >> parsens got emotional winning for the big bang theory. >> tom: be a part such a
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phenomenon group of people andnd for seeingingly happenstance circumstances to be here thank you. >> and another for best actress in a comedy. >> thank you so much. i gotta go. [laughter] >> in los angeles, fox news. >> that was a great speech.pee gotta go bye. b >> because it was short. sh >> and to the point. poi fashion at the emmys is a hot topic. forget versace. sarah silverman rocked this $60 dress she bought online.ine. >> good for her. >> no bargain hunting for sofia vergara. she wore a red vieira wang and topped it off with d.l. 7 million in jewelry. j >> wow. all right. i'm going toal have to going tha
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>> i know she's one your favorites. >> she is. she's a great actress. >> right. i know when you are reallying thinking. >> the sweet tooth might cost c you more this holiday season. >> first a great look for the facebook fan of the day. d donna says her day doesn't start until she hears tony's laugh. shz a big fan of dj fridays. we appreciate that all right, donna have a great day. we'll be back in a moment. ??
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today is gonna be an important day for us. you ready? we wanna be our brother's keeper. what's number two we wanna do? bring it up to 90 decatherms. how bout ya, joe? let's go ahead and bring it online. attention on site, attention on site. now starting unit nine. some of the world's cleanest gas turbines are now powering some of america's biggest cities. siemens. answers.
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a northern virginia high school student is found stabbedd to death.. this morning the police are are asking for your help. as the country remembers the victims of the nave iyard iyar shooting and the call for actioi by the president continues right now. good morning, straight up, 6:00 right now. a live look at the u.s. capital dome where a lot is going to be happening at the hill. we will keep you informed onr


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